But to Paint a Universe

But to Paint a Universe

A puzzle-game telling the story of a little girls struggle to restore a broken sky.

About This Game

Follow the story of a little girl as she struggles to restore a sky broken by an evil monster in But to Paint a Universe! Play through a diverse adventure, where the rules change in every level, or test your skills in the time attack mode competing against yourself, or on the online boards for the highest score. Enjoy a wonderful aesthetic experience, and get lost in a beautiful and atmospheric world.

  • 20 unique levels in adventure mode
  • Online and offline scores
  • Gorgeous imagery and a professional soundtrack
  • Immersive game world, and challenging gameplay
  • An engaging storybook narrative


    • 作業系統: Windows XP
    • 處理器: 1Ghz
    • 記憶體: 512 MB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: Built-in
    • DirectX: 版本:9.0
    • 儲存空間: 118 MB 可用空間
    • 音效卡: Built-in
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