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Original Soundtrack for Expand created by Chris Larkin. A piano driven, meditative accompaniment to Expand's ever-shifting circular world.

"Core melodies and harmonies, often performed by the piano, are the heart of Expand. These are embellished with strings and synthesisers, focussing on a slow emotional build throughout the game." - Chris Larkin

Chris Larkin is a classically trained composer whose achievements include Best Composition at the South Australian Screen Awards, Runner Up at the Australian Sibelius Composers Awards and an official selection at the APRA Screen Music Awards.

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  • 1. Follow Me
  • 2. Peril
  • 3. Prevail
  • 4. Missing Pieces
  • 5. Reach
  • 6. Elude
  • 7. Control
  • 8. Closure
  • 9. Bonus Track



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